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The Mid-America chapter of the American Medical Writer's Association was founded in 1985, and historically serves AMWA members living in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. We publish a quarterly newsletter (latest issue Winter 2019) , and hold regular in-person meetings. The Board of Directors also holds regular meetings by teleconference, and minutes of those meetings are available.

Upcoming Chapter Events

TechWriteSTL (St Louis)

2020 Tuesday, March 31- Find Customers -- Do Work -- Get Paid, presented by Betsy Frick, 11:30am at CJ Muggs in Webster Groves
As an independent consultant, contractor, or freelancer (three names for the same thing), you have to have customers - and even with them, you will starve if your rates are too low. You also need to protect yourself by getting every agreement in writing. At this session, we'll talk about resources to find customers, work with them successfully, and determine a living rate. New independents and those with years of experience are encouraged to attend and share their experience with the basics of running an independent business.

Monday, May 04 - "Medical ghostwriting: ethical and practical controversies" by Pranali Pathare and Dana Delibovi
Despite the opposition of AMWA and other groups, medical ghostwriting remains a common practice. Ghostwriting is especially frequent in communications tied to the pharmaceutical/device/diagnostics industries. Why is medical ghostwriting still so prevalent? Is it always unethical, or are there gray areas where ghostwriting seems acceptable? What is your experience with ghostwriting? This meeting will explore these questions. There will be ample time for discussion, both philosophical and practical.

Wednesday, July 22- Ten Tips for Networking - and Practice! organized by Lisa Balbes

September is currently open.

November - Best and Worst Books of 2020, coordinated by Leslie Niestadt

For more information or to register for any of these events contact one of the organizers.

Iowa Area Events

Check out the Iowa Networking Group's Facebook page for information about upcoming events and a chance to get to know AMWA members in Iowa, or contact Natalie Dewitt for more information.

Nebraska Area Events

Contact Rebecca Bigelow for information about events in this area.

Kansas City Area Events

Contact Raeesa Gupta for information about events in this area.

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