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The Mid-America chapter of the American Medical Writer's Association was founded in 1985, and historically serves AMWA members living in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. We publish a quarterly newsletter (latest issue Spring 2021) , and hold regular in-person meetings. The Board of Directors also holds regular meetings by teleconference, and minutes of those meetings are available.

Upcoming Chapter Events:

TechWriteSTL (St Louis)

July 12, 11:30am, somewhere in Cyberspace - Louise Noeth, "Buckle up for Fast Tech, Slow Write, and the Royalty Rip-Off"
Author Louise Ann Noeth, aka “Landspeed Louise,”(LSL) is known worldwide for her expertise of land speed racing, has raced jet dragsters, helped capture the current 458MPH World Wheel-Driven Record, and is an extreme speed consultant for film and television. For decades her words, photos and publicity efforts have appeared worldwide in newspapers, magazines, books, film and television.
The pandemic presented a monumental challenge to market/sell her current tome, “Bonneville Salt Flats” a 128-page picture book that encapsulates 120 years of motorsports development using more than 200 heavily captioned photos, but also provided a pathway to a second book,  Bonneville’s Women of Land Speed Racing, that will release on the day of the presentation.
Noeth will explain the mitigating the morass and cranking up the marvels of preparing, promoting and authoring such books that can be great fun for knowledgeable writers regardless of topics or industry. Find bravado in boring that readers will relish.
Further, she will reveal the hidden contract "blast walls” and offer tips on how to negotiate contract points in advance.

September 30th (dinner at CJ Muggs in Webster Groves) - Ruth Thaler-Carter, Public Speaking 

November 03 - Leslie Neistadt, The Best and Worst Books of 2021

For more information or to register for our events contact one of the organizers.

Iowa Area Events

Check out the Iowa Networking Group's Facebook page for information about upcoming events and a chance to get to know AMWA members in Iowa, or contact Natalie Dewitt for more information.

Nebraska Area Events

Contact Rebecca Bigelow for information about events in this area.

Kansas City Area Events

Contact Raeesa Gupta or Crystal Austin for information about events in this area.

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